Friday, 18 November 2016


The brainchild of EATMingsFoote (a group of hobby-oriented awesome chaps looking to promote Narrative play in the Age of Sigmar), Realms at War will be the name behind unique narrative events in the UK for years to come.

Our first event RAW: Legends 2016 focuses on Aspirants growing in fame and strength over the course of weekend, looking to achieve Legendary status over six scenarios of varying size. It will be a hobby oriented event, where awesome armies get to play over lovely battlefields (no neon green boards!) and we're already sold out, with the player list looking to be a bunch of truly amazing hobbyists.
For more info on the event, you can head on over to the event thread on The Grand Alliance (TGA):

We'll be using this site to post updates, teasers and anything related to RAW events. We may even feature our personal hobby progress!

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